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Rare species found in different regions in the philippines

Read more: The twelve most dangerous Russian animals All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
Wildlife conservationists increased the number of rare Red different Wolves in captivity to 207, and species today there are about 100 living in the wild. .
Furthermore, its fur is considered more valuable than that of the beaver.
The Red Wolf was actually deemed extinct in the wild in 1980. .Family of Earthmoving Soricidae.In the Moscow species region the species philippines is widely distributed: it was found near Zvenigorod, Mozhaisk, Odintsovo, Serpukhov, Serebryano-Prudsk, Balashikha, different Luberetsk, Ruzsky and regions Noginsk districts.The Siberian crane Vladimir Putin in a motorised deltaplane near a crane at Yamalo-Nenets district September 5, 2012. Umananda Temple, Guwahati, species golden Langur, pygmy Hog -An endangered species of small wild pig family, the smallest and rarest Pig, it was found in India, Nepal and Bhutan but slowly with time they are now confined only to Assam with a population of around.
Lives colonies, paves a complex network of shallow burrows, relatively rarely comes to the surface; It feeds mainly on underground parts of plants - roots and rhizomes of various herbs, as well as leaves and shoots of grasses, seeds and acorns.

Some sources say that this rhino is THE rarest large mammal in dong the world, unlike the Fur-Nosed wombat, who is somewhere on game the Most Rare list.Maximum life expectancy is 17 years 5 months.The habitat of the underground vole is also winnipeg located near the south-eastern borders of the Ruza district.The maximum known life span is 19 years.The handsome Siberian leopard cat is slightly bigger than a domestic cat, though few hunters are willing to get into a fight with one.Lesser noctule(Leisters bat ).Source: Photoshot / Vostock Photo Area of habitation: south-western Siberia, Yakutia (Republic of Sakha the Arkhangelsk Region, the Komi Republic and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.Only one reliable dong location of the species is known: in the NP "Losiny world Ostrov" near the village.Approximate size of population: 150,000-200,000, besides Eastern Siberia, this small graceful seagull can also be found regions in Western Greenland.The tiny shrew does not breed in captivity.One Horned Rhino -Being the fifth largest land animal their population has depleted to just 3500 and around 2500 of them is found in st Place to see them.They unite people of different colors living in different continents and speaking different languages. Golden Tabby Tiger, this type of rare tiger is only found in captivity. .
Its spine and blood vessels are visible through its skin.
Rufous Hornbill, white-winged Duck -The Largest species of Duck, generally live in stagnant or slow-flowing natural and artificial wetlands, within or adjacent to evergreen, deciduous or swamp spirit forests, on which it depends for roosting and nesting, usually philippines in st Place to see them.