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Install nmap using the following command: sudo apt-get install nmap For YUM Based systems such as Redhat, CentOS, install via sudo yum install nmap For pacman based systems such as Arch Linux, install via sudo pacman -S nmap Windows Installation: For Windows Computers, download installer.A steady (or sometimes flashing)..
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Hard drive speed test

hard drive speed test

Mac to test speeds drive across drives.
14.44 GB 125f c96a.84 MB/Sec.55 MB/Sec adata USB Flash Drive USB Device A-data Technology., Ltd.The block size can be changed in the options from 512 bytes up to 8MB and hard a slider can move between faster less accurate hard or slower more accurate test speeds.3.74 GB 58f 6387.24 MB/Sec.16 MB/Sec UOeOS 32G USB2.0 Green.31 GB 1609 3a04.38 MB/Sec.69 MB/Sec Li Rui USB.0 USB Flash Drive USB Device Feiya Technology Corp.Then read the same file hard out using the same block site.To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter test the list according to drive size group: Notice that the USB devices of last size group (above 64 GB) are not really flash drives.SSD connect via sata ports which have different versions.14.59.77 MB/Sec.05 MB/Sec SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Device SanDisk Corp.If you have Windows installed hard on a slow hard drive, it doesnt matter how powerful the other components like CPU and memory are, the system will boot slower, load programs more slowly, and lag quite badly while multitasking.All tools were tested on Windows 10 64-bit and are also compatible with Windows 7 and.28.64.60 MB/Sec.51 MB/Sec SanDisk Ultra USB Device SanDisk Corp.28.63.17 MB/Sec.59 MB/Sec SanDisk Ultra USB.0 USB Device SanDisk Corp.3.73 GB 1005 b113.42 MB/Sec.63 MB/Sec mpampakas sou USB flash drive USB Device Apacer Technology, Inc.465.76 GB 125f a02a.72 MB/Sec.53 MB/Sec SanDisk Cruzer (sdcz36-256G-B35) (exFat) SanDisk Corp.7.40 GB 5e3 736.46 MB/Sec.32 MB/Sec petx Generic storage device USB Device Genesys Logic, Inc.931.51.99 MB/Sec.91 MB/Sec SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Device SanDisk Corp. Download Anvils Storage Utilities.
14.44 GB 13fe 4200.83 MB/Sec.08 MB/Sec PNY hard USB.0 FD USB Device PNY.66 GB 154b.68 MB/Sec.29 MB/Sec tiago222 PNY USB.0 FD USB Device PNY.87 GB 154b.34 test MB/Sec.76 MB/Sec PNY USB.0 FD USB Device.
Beyond this the actual speed achieved depends on the quality of the pen drives and other factors too.

7.51 GB 48d 1170.83 MB/Sec.89 MB/Sec drive JetFlash Transcend 64GB USB Device.84.10 MB/Sec.20 MB/Sec JetFlash Transcend USB Device.10.70 MB/Sec.17 MB/Sec Kingmax 2GB SD Card Realtek Semiconductor Corp.31.99 GB 781 558a.18 test MB/Sec.14 MB/Sec SanDisk Ultra USB Device SanDisk Corp.14.83 GB bda 153.02 MB/Sec.79 MB/Sec Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 USB Device 333.20 GB 1f75 621.86 MB/Sec.81 MB/Sec HP v100w USB Device Hewlett-Packard.72 GB 3f0 3207.28 MB/Sec.32 MB/Sec hp v178b USB Device Hewlett-Packard.87 GB 3f0 1940.98 MB/Sec.27.Some functions like error checking and benchmarking should still work fine.7.54.82 MB/Sec.74 MB/Sec Multiple Card Reader USB Device Alcor Micro Corp.There is also a summary page, which contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.Portable, installer and custom skin versions are available.29.10 GB 781 556b.24 MB/Sec.04 MB/Sec SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB Device SanDisk Corp.57.69 GB 13fe 6300.42 MB/Sec.63 MB/Sec USB Flash Disk USB Device Feiya Technology Corp.In order to keed this speed tests table reliable, I reserve the right to remove speed test entries that looks extremely unreliable.14.60.70 MB/Sec.84 MB/Sec SanDisk Extreme USB Device SanDisk Corp. 124.99 GB 48d 1234.53 MB/Sec.81 MB/Sec USB Mass Storage Device USB Device Super Top.87 GB 14cd 125a.68 MB/Sec.24 MB/Sec USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device.72.79 MB/Sec.54 MB/Sec USB3.0 flash drive USB Device Apacer Technology, Inc.

In this page, you can find the speed test results of USB flash drives, made.
7.43 GB 58f 6366.99 MB/Sec.96 MB/Sec snsaf Multiple hard drive speed test Card Reader USB Device Alcor Micro Corp.